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RF-shamans Ltd is a professional radio technology engineering company with solution to all your problems on a radio technical field. We are specialised in research and development and, in particular, interested in extraordinary RF challenges.

Worldwide net

RF-shamans Ltd has a broad global network of professionals on ICT field to keep us up to date on radio technique solutions and customer needs.  We have participated in international and multicultural projects, which have given us extensive vision and know-how in radio technique. In addition, all significant suppliers and end users are known to us.

RF-shamans Ltd

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the Radio Frequency Sorcerers
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Manufacture of prototypes and demonstrators

RF-shamans have a comprehensive know-how in radio technologies, mechanics and knowledge of different materials. This know-how together with wide and strong domestic and international network of experts in radio technology enables us to build new innovations, prototypes and pilot projects. Our flexibility enables us to plan, design and manufacture a product according to client’s demands and budget, from simple demonstrator to zero-series device for production.

Advanced SatCom-technology

The RF-shamans’ know-how of space telecommunication includes both terrestrial and spatial transmission techniques in challenging conditions. The demand for high reliability of operation of the device is vital in both sections. For example, in space a low electrical budget must produce the highest possible transmission output, therefore, it is vital to eliminate the generated heat in the void of space. Hence, a low operational temperature correlates directly with long lifespan of the unit. This example is also applicable on terrestrial devices.


Consultation, training and reseach services

RF-shamans have a long experience in the field of radio technique, and therefore, we are able to solve variable and demanding challenges: consultations in designing of reliable operational systems, participation in project studies of new environments, operating conditions or natural phenomena and supply radio technical research device or units for aforementioned needs. RF-shamans’ offers ranges from stand-up consultations to deep research according to client’s need and budget. We tender also training from basics of radio technique to more advanced knowledge.

Our mission

The know-how of RF-shamans is broad, ranging from thermal noise to megawatts, from coherent to spread spectrum, from a simple hertz to gigahertz and from a nanometer to a quantum. We are able to analyse, solve and fix any interference in radio technique. Our typical professional client operates on the industry of wireless and optical fiber telecommunication, both in research, applications and operational fields, and values long-term credibility.
Therefore, RF-shamans’ mission is to be a prestigious and well-established supplier in radio technology applications.


The Radio Frequency Sorcerers

The people behind the creation and deployment of low maintenance and stable radio technology are:

Michael Fletcher, COB and Chief Architect
+358 50 550 52 93  |

Tomas Tallkvist, CEO and Mechanics Visionary
+358 50 306 64 63  |



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